Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, virtual events have been planned and our run clubs have been temporarily cancelled


We are currently being held virtually. Every Saturday, we run between 7 am - noon and post our runs on the BRR Facebook.


In general, our run club meets every Saturday morning for a run along the Esplanade! We break up into groups based on running level, this is great for both beginners and veterans.

We run every Saturday rain or shine!

Saturday runs

Saturday runs are currently being held virtually. Go out for a long run on Saturday between 7 am - noon and share your run to the BRR Facebook page.

Once we return to in person, we run together as a community. Show up together, run together, and drink coffee together.

We run every week rain or shine. Join us for a run!


We are an open club that attracts all runners.

You will always find someone to run with. Some folks take on a faster pace while others prefer to take their time.

Christie Josefowski

I love running so much that I run all day and all night.

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Our fearless leaders jaunt, leap, and strive to explore the world. They live and run to inspire you to achieve your next PR. Our team is always talking about training and the next race. Ask us anything.

Jamie Kang

Jamie is a Physical Therapist and Running Coach 

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Marco Santos

Professional runner turn Coach.

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