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Saturday Long Runs

Our Saturday Long Runs are designed to bring a community of runners who share a goal of embracing an inclusive environment while supporting each other through the journey of running. Engaging in group long runs is a great way to challenge yourself, build endurance, and connect with other runners. Running in a group provides motivation and provides an opportunity to learn from other runners, share training strategies, and gain insights from other runners. Running together builds camaraderie and community.

When you run with the Boston Road Runners, you'll never run alone. Prior to the start of each run, we ask what pace each runner will be running and how far/long they plan on running.  Based on the responses, pace groups are formed. So, whether you run a 7 minute mile easy pace, a 12 minute mile easy pace, or anything in between, you will have a group to run with.

Join Us for a Long Run

Summer Close Out
7 am Meeting Time

As summer is coming to an end, temperatures still get hot. We are continuing to run early on Saturday mornings. We run distances from 4 miles to 20. Our pace groups range from 7:30 minute miles to 12:00 minute miles. All are welcomed.

Meeting Spot

Capital One Cafe

711 Boylston St.

Boston, MA 02116

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