Due to the current situation regarding COVID-19, virtual events have been planned and our run clubs have been temporarily cancelled


We are currently being held virtually and will post workout information every Monday on our social media. In general, we run rain or shine every Monday.



March - November


December - February


Monday Track is currently being held virtually. BRR will post track workouts every Monday on their social media and you can complete it anywhere in the world. After you complete it, upload it to Boston Road Runner's Facebook page.


Once we return to meeting in person, Monday Track will meet every Monday from April - October, rain or shine.


We will meet at the Under Armour Store in Boston 6:20 PM. At 6:30 PM we will run over to the MIT Outdoor Track.



Monday Hills meets every Monday from November - March.

Meet at the Under Armour Store in Boston 6:20 PM. We start the hill workout at 6:30 PM.


Our fearless leaders jaunt, leap, and strive to explore the world. They live and run to inspire you to achieve your next PR. Our team is always talking about training and the next race. Ask us anything.

David Lockhart

David is a Boston local who Coaches Monday Track. David's goal is to motivate runners to new PRs.

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Jessica Berger

Coach Jessica is a Tri-athlete, marathon runner, and changing the world one runner at a time.

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Jamie Kang

Jamie is our in-house Physical Therapist and Running Coach. She has a wicked core workout.

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Mae Guillaud

"What I like the most about running is that it helps you build mental strength and teaches you to listen to your body. BRR gives you motivation and encouragement to reach your goals together. The group is super friendly and they share my passion for running in a supportive environment. My friends and I have helped each other to achieve certain running goals, and it’s always been fulfilling! From couch to a 5k, half or even full marathon."

-Coach Mae

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