Breaking Barriers

Do you see people like you in the sport of running?
Do you feel supported in the running?
Do you feel barriers prevent you from being more involved in the running community?

Boston Road Runners is launching a pilot program to tackle these serious problems by forming a new team of people to run and feel: free, safe, and loved. We will break barriers and people that are afraid or do not see themselves as a "Runner".


The program will address creating a more inclusive running community and a voice. No one talks about the expenses of running gear, training plans, nutrition/hydration, socializing, race entries, and the cost to travel to the races.

BRR will be providing running gear, race entries, nutrition/hydrations, and help cover the cost of traveling and stipend to go out and socialize after a run.

We invite you to apply and share it with your family and friends.

If you see yourself in the sport of running or have the means to afford these items, we hope you consider donating to support the program.​Donate Here